Comany & Our Team

Team Happy Bae’s mission is to guide women to be happy inside and out. Learn to put yourself, before anyone else. We will help you to find inner happiness and be your own bae first as the most important relationship is the one you have with yourself. Remember you before anyone else.

We help women to reinvent themselves to become more happy, successful and truly feel like themselves. If you are looking for tools to get the happiness skill, boost your confidence and feel like a zen monk sitting atop a mountain, you came to the right place. Us women face similar challenges and fears and the female founders of Hey Happy Bae are no different. We understand you and have felt the same way at some point or the other and want to help you feel how we feel constantly – happy and nourished.

Our team will guide you to a bright, happy life ,which will be aligned with your mind, heart, and soul. Are you excited to start this amazing journey?

In today’s digital age when everything moves quick we tried to keep things simple. We offer you a range of development courses to help achieve the change you want to see in you. We tried to make all the information and tasks practically useful, so you can start applying them straight away after watching the videos. Because actions speak louder than words.

We are also creating powerful weekly content for our website, blog, YouTube and Facebook webinars area to help you get a taste of Hey Happy Bae. If you’re looking to get into things deeper we also offer personal coaching so you can climb to the top of Burj Khalifa, at least mentally.

Founders of Hey Happy Bae

Female Founders: Hey Happy Bae was established on the base of a solid friendship over 5 years, which started due to our interest in fashion. I’d say it’s real sweet as not so many marriages last that long (wink wink). We are a fab team of strong and cool women, who complement each other. Plus, we are so passionate about helping other women the best way we can.

Yana Andreeva

CEO & Happiness Coach

For more than 10 years, I have been researching the secrets of life and constantly working on myself. I learned quite a lot about different aspects of happiness, how to attract great opportunities, create a balanced lifestyle, be healthy and live like my true self. My life mission now is to share this knowledge and help women around me. Anyone can get an amazing life, it is just a matter of dedication and knowledge about how to get there. To know more about me and my life feel free to Follow Me on Instagram @yanallure

Kritika Tiwari

Editor-in-chief & Partnership Director

For 7 years or so I have dabbled in Banking moving across countries, roles, banks all this while learning about life and my inner self. I have done everything in my power to manage the stress of a modern day life and how to move, breathe and live as a woman. I express myself through clothes and my style journey can be found on my fashion blog – kriticious. Come to talk me if you’re curious about us or anything else on Instagram.

Slava Spaska

PR & Marketing Director

For more than 5 years I worked in fashion and retail industry. Lived in three different countries throughout my life and learnt how to find personal harmony, use my potential in each of them. Happy wife for five years.┬áLove traveling and photography, if you want to know more about me, please check my personal blog on Instagram – @stylewithslava