How to Lose 30 kg in 1 Month?


On the weekends I love answering questions on Quora and this time I got, How I can lose 30 kg in 30 days. So since I help lots of women to lose weight I did my calculations and here what I came up with.

In 1 kg of fat is 7,000 calories, so in order to lose 30 kg of fat a person will need to have a caloric deficit of 210,000 calories. However, we assume that during our weight loss period he or she will lose 5 kg of water. So we will need to get rid of 25 kg of fat which is 175,000 calories to be burn. This will be 5,800 calories a day. The shortest way to burn the most is water fasting. The average person burns 2,000 throughout the day. Therefore, 5,800-2,000=3,800 calories to burn throughout exercising. On a high-moderate cardio person burns roughly 400…

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